202323 Jan

InstantGMP Inc. adds New Customizable Reporting Feature to its Electronic Manufacturing, Inventory & Quality Software


As the creators of the all-in-one solution to capture your manufacturing, inventory and quality data, InstantGMP looks for ways to improve our software to provide customers with the best experience possible. • Use the provided information to create detailed graphs, pivot tables or other preferred presentation formats that allow users to more easily view, analyze and interpret the data. After collecting the data, users can easily and efficiently identify trends, write annual Quality Reports, create Statistical Process Control Charts and much more. “By including GXquery in our software, we provide our customers with a customizable report writer that can quickly and easily access any of the information stored in their database and present it in their preferred format. Plus, it lets users ask additional questions and gather insights out of their information.” While other stand-alone report writing software is available, they are typically offered at a much higher price point - and may not be compatible with existing Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Source: Prweb