202324 Jan

Sustainable IT: how you can help reduce tech’s impact on the planet (Sponsored)


Scaleway, a European cloud provider, is stepping up its efforts to reduce environmental impacts and shared some insights into how startups can leverage Green IT to do the same. The pace of digital transformation is speeding up and tech is now an integral part of everyday life with new innovations constantly being developed and evolved. Scaleway has stepped up its plans to reduce environmental impact, in line with its parent company, Iliad Group’s objective to reach carbon zero by 2050. For the digital market, environmental responsibility needs to focus on mutually dependent pillars: the supply and intrinsic energy efficiency of the data centre, and water usage and preservation. Scaleway’s strategy means that startups and businesses using their cloud service can rest assured they are not contributing to a growing environmental problem, but rather, helping to minimise it.

Source: Eu-startups