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HubSpot co-founder Shah backs Peerlist for a new take on professional networking


Bende, who has experience as a front-end developer, oversees the startups engineering-related tasks.Bhadange asserted that Peerlist grew its user base to more than 20,000 people of which 60% are verified without any marketing spends. It also aims to expand its engineering team from the existing five-people team for product development alongside a dedicated marketing and sales team.Peerlist hopes to amass more than a million users by the end of the year, said Bhadange.Peerlists current user base consists of individuals with experience ranging from early to mid-senior levels. The platform, though, does want to monetize the verified user base by charging companies looking to hire professionals on the basis of their work experience and education.As it scales, Peerlist has attracted some investment from many industry insiders. This will give the professionals a deeper understanding of the companys culture and technical capabilities and help them make more informed decisions about job opportunities, he said.Additionally, Peerlist has plans to help angel investors get their investment history in startups verified on the platform, making it easier for professionals to connect with and secure funding from these investors. Bhadange said that this particular development was currently at an ideation stage but had the potential to add tremendous value.The world is ready for some innovation when it comes to online professional networks, said HubSpots Shah, in a statement.

Source: Techcrunch


Jan 23 2023