202317 Jan

Looking at Every Opportunity to Stay Ahead of the Competition


Following the example set by the FIA, M-Sport saw the need to introduce 3D scanning to control the body shell’s accuracy and ensure that the car met regulatory requirements. To ensure compliance with these regulations, M-Sport could either increase tolerances in their design approach using more conventional measurement methods or adopt 3D scanning technology. When scanning a large project, such as a car body shell, the design team felt that the system’s acquisition speed and real-time data visualization outperformed the competitors, which use either photo-based technology or a mechanical arm. MSL guided M-Sport in every step, providing a training program and support to suit every technical requirement that concerned the designers and engineers. Find out more about how 3D scanning has enabled M-Sport to continue producing cars that are not only compliant with FIA regulations but also built with minimal tolerances.

Source: Creaform3d