202306 Jan

Becoming the Leading Provider of Metrology Laser Scanning for NDT in Scotland: A Case Study Featuring Matrix Advanced NDT Inspection Services Ltd


Combining inspection knowledge with experience in practical application, the company has always been on the lookout for new technology to enable the safe and effective delivery of its projects while reducing cost and downtime. This blog reveals how MSL’s engineering experience in metrology and equipment from leading manufacturers could answer Matrix’s need for enhanced accuracy and efficiency. In an effort to find more efficient and repeatable work procedures, they sought to replace their existing analog systems with a solution that could provide digital data files for reverse engineering. Thanks to Creaform’s legendary portability and industry-leading accuracy, Matrix can now bring its measuring toolkit anywhere for onsite inspection or offsite 3D design and reverse engineering. With this equipment at its disposal, Matrix is now poised to become the leading provider of metrology laser scanning in Scotland when it comes to reverse engineering applications and data acquisition for NDT.

Source: Creaform3d