202228 Dec

Québec-based art virtuoso accomplishes stunning creative feats with Go!SCAN 3D


Cynthia Coulombe Begin is a renowned Québec painter and artist who started her professional career in 2006 by paying tribute to the aesthetics of the human body. Over the past few decades, she has exhibited in galleries, private companies and collective events in Québec City, Montreal, Toronto, New York, London, Los Angeles, Singapor and Hong Kong. Her most recent exhibit, , took place in 2021 at the Corno X Beauchamp Gallery in Montréal; she was the first solo artist to host an exhibition following the death of renowned Canadian artist Corno, Joanne Corneau’s pseudonym, in 2016. is CCB’s sculptural exploration of body image and self-acceptance. The scanning process of CCB’s body took place at Creaform’s offices, in Levis, and required approximately 4 hours. Creaform was thrilled to be the technology partner behind her latest works of art that celebrate the wonders of the human body—her own!

Source: Creaform3d