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202223 Dec

Creaform 3D Scanners Helped Ford Restore Michigan Central Station


Long abandoned and at the mercy of vandals, the historic building became a famous example of urban ruin, featuring in several films, including , , and Eminem’s biographical movie, . In many ways, Michigan Central Station’s deterioration was reminiscent of Detroit’s abrupt economic decline – until the day the Ford Motor Company decided to breathe new life into the building. It All Starts with the Right Partner For help in restoring the ceiling and window components, Ford turned to CATI, whose expertise, problem-solving skills, and continuous support made it possible to overcome challenges as they arose. The team being responsive to requests and flexible in how they work resulted in quicker turnaround times in terms of quality control and reverse engineering, which Ford really appreciated. In short, 3D scanning technology made the restoration process faster and more precise, which enables engineers to take measurements and capture information that might have been impossible to obtain with traditional methods.

Source: Creaform3d