202228 Nov

Surface damage assessment modernised


To address these challenges, an increasing number of companies are turning to new technologies for better ageing management and the development of new inspection programmes that leverage the tremendous potential in 3D scanning. For example, inspectors can accurately measure thickness loss on corroded, industrial, complex geometries, such as pipelines, elbows, nozzles, pressure vessel heads, tank floors and valves. More recently, Innerspec acquired Creaform’s Pipecheck and Go!SCAN 3D scanners for a major project; the company was tasked to provide quality control (QC) after welding fabrication of offshore wind jackets. “Obtaining the level of detail and repeatability that the HandySCAN 3D can enable is more challenging to achieve with conventional manual methods,” explained Adam Pinard, NDE Engineer and 3D Scan Lead at Nucleom. Pinard also mentioned that Nucleom uses the 3D scanning solutions to generate permanent data records for plant infrastructure to carry out advanced analyses without having to return on site.

Source: Lngindustry