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Apiable brings home $500,000 Icebreaker.vc-led funding to scale its no-code API-as-a-service


Helsinki-based Apiable has raised $500,000 in pre-seed funds to build out its internal operations, allowing it to meet "latent demand" for its no-code API portals-as-a-service platform.The round is being led by Finlands Icebreaker.vc, and is billed as proving early-stage appetite for Apiables software that lets organisations digitise products and services through use of APIs.Founded in 2020, Apiable has worked hard right from the outset to flatten the learning curve for deploying its software. Mainly, this is achieved through the use of no-code tools from its interface.With its software, Apiable claims enterprises can establish an own-branded portal for implementing APIs in less than 60 minutes.Allan Knabe, CEO of Apiable, said: "CEOs and innovation leaders within organisations understand that in order to survive and thrive they need to create digital versions of their products and services." This means they need to create APIs and make them available on an API portal to attract customers and partners. However, building and maintaining an API portal distracts them from their core business, and finding the development resources is difficult and expensive.Riku Sepp\xe4l\xe4, general partner at Icebreaker.vc, whose portfolio also includes customer experience AI startup Lumoa and brain monitoring AI tools from Cerenion, said:"The Apiable team has deep expertise in building API portals, and we see the need for APIs proliferating through most companies, even ones you couldnt imagine. Were thrilled to be supporting Apiable and the digital economy.

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Nov 25 2022