202224 Nov

Six Aussie startups that raised more than $54 million this week


Look, we might not be at September 2021 levels, but there were still some exciting cash injections across the Aussie landscape over the past few days.Sapia.ai topped the list this week with a $17 million Series A round led by Macquarie Capital and W23 venture, Woolworths VC arm.The company has developed a recruitment platform that uses ethical AI as well as real-life interviewers to help determine candidates for a job and offer feedback to people on how they answered questions so they can improve in the future.Woolworths Group is always recruiting and we see tens of thousands of applications processed annually in our supermarket business. This new technology positively impacts bias during the recruitment process, Ingrid Maes, managing director of W23, said in a statement.Not only does it provide a flexible platform for our recruitment teams, were really pleased with the experience our applicants have in the process ultimately delivering the hiring and equality outcomes we strive for across the group.Abyss Solutions has secured $15 million led by AirTree Ventures and joined by Australian Retirement Trust.Launched in 2014, the company has developed automated corrosion analytics tools for critical infrastructure. But its robotics and automation-driven technology solutions arent just limited to the ground.The team of scientists and engineers have also adapted their tech to be able to inspect underwater infrastructure that was previously considered too inaccessible, including dams, canals and bridges.The team is also looking to the stars, developing technology to work with companies working in space.HMC Group has received a $15 million cash injection from the Australian Business Growth Fund (ABGF) with a referral from CBA.The aviation and tourism services provider will utilise the raise to further grow its fleet and expand its network infrastructure. I know their team will challenge us on our ideas and provide invaluable corporate experience to assist our businesses to grow, Michael McConachy, managing director of HMC Group, said in a statement.My aim is to leave a worthwhile legacy in the state of WA, knowing that we have contributed something of value to the regional communities in which we live and operate, and the state as a whole. We look forward to further increasing our regionally based operations.eQ8 has received $5.5 million $5.5 million led by Go1 and OIF Ventures.Launched in 2014 by former Qantas and NBN executives, Alicia Roach and Chris Hare, eQ8 is a strategic workplace planning SaaS platform that utilises algorithms, predictive insights and analytics to optimise workplaces and their employee skills.It also goes beyond the present to help predict the future workforce needs of a company.The Google Maps of the ocean, Oceanfarmr is the brainchild of a former marine biologist and oyster farmer, Ewan McAsh.

Source: Smartcompany