202225 Nov

Helping online retailers make money | The story of Upp as told by Co-Founder Ben White


As brands and companies go online and tap into the potential of ecommerce, they need to make use of different software and tech to remain competitive, stand out from the crowd and optimise processes. It offers decision intelligence software, that automates decision-making and provides insights to retailers that have previously been inaccessible – including hidden trends, inventory problems, changes in trading conditions, price competitiveness and so forth. Using this connected and informed data set, Upp’s AI automatically actions thousands of micro-optimisations to Google Shopping (now Performance Max) campaigns in real-time, all aligned with a retailer’s business objectives. A CEO, CFO, Head of Digital or Marketing doesn’t have time to go through reporting suites to understand what the data is telling them and find the source of an opportunity or a problem. Firstly, automating advertising decisions is a no-brainer – 72 million SKUs analysed 24/7 and 48,000 changes made on Google Shopping per week by Upp simply cannot be done by human teams.

Source: Eu-startups