202225 Nov

ALSEGO is Now Launching a Solution to Help Protect Your Organization Against Cybercrime


Its cloud-based nature ensures that it is easy, flexible, robust, and secure on all fronts.CyberScore Your Inbound Internet EmailsCyberScore is an instant and embedded clear indicator that shows risks associated to the received email. LetzRelay-MX upgrades this feature by analyzing internet inbound emails with a completely holistic approach. Amongst other aspects, it will consider technical security standards and the sender’s reputation before it enters your mail system.LetzRelay-MX also utilizes URL sandboxing and deep analysis, ensuring that target websites will not attempt phishing or inject malicious components into your computer. It includes all material and training costs associated with maintaining technical users and end-user awareness about security risks. Spam and phishing attacks have caused businesses significant losses, proving that traditional solutions can no longer keep up with the creativity of cybercriminals in getting what they want.

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