202225 Nov

Alpha Serve Presents a Sell Update of Power BI Connector for Zendesk


Kyiv, Ukraine, November 25, 2022 --( PR.com )-- Alpha Serve presents a new feature release for its high-performance optimized Power BI Connector for Zendesk . The updated version allows Zendesk customers to export and visualize Zendesk Sell data into Power BI, in addition to their Zendesk Support data.Alpha Serve is a leading software development company that focuses on regular upgrades of integration tools to make sure to keep up with continuously updating business intelligence technology, and aims to develop products that match all customers needs.Alpha Serve has already launched such integration add-ons as Tableau Connector for Zendesk, Power BI Connector for ServiceNow, Power BI Connector for Shopify and one of the newer is Power BI Connector for monday.com.Being the Zendesk Tech Alliance Partner, Alpha Serve team optimized Power BI Connector for Zendesk and enabled all Zendesk Support customers to follow key performance indicators of the customer sales interactions, as well as, to track and manage all sales pipelines in real time.“Alpha Serve’s professional development team has already presented an integration for the Zendesk app which enables exporting data from the Zendesk Support platform. But as the case progressed, we noticed the growing need among Zendesk Support customers to make appropriate reports with structural analysis of Zendesk Sell databases equally. As a result, we made it possible for Zendesk Support customers to export Zendesk Sell data into such an analytic solution as Power BI. That enables users to make complex Zendesk Sell reports with multiple dashboards based on the required dataset,” commented Anna Odrynska, Alpha Serve’s Chief Strategy Officer.Power BI Connector for Zendesk by Alpha Serve offers a global vision of the customer interaction sales process with reasonable insights supported by visual dashboards, diagrams and complex reports to help to improve company service level, performance and customer satisfaction.The latest edition of Power BI Connector for Zendesk Sell by Alpha Serve has an easy-to-set-up process that permits the creation of data sources without complex coding skills in less than 10 minutes.

Source: Pr