202225 Nov

3 Important Google Updates to Understand — Whiteboard Friday


With recent shake-ups to the Google algorithm, Lily Ray joins us for this week’s episode to walk you three of the most important types of search engine updates that can affect your SEO strategies. This new sitewide classifier that theyre using with the helpful content update will be applied to sites that Google believes is doing this type of thing at scale. They told us if its a big, significant change to how they use this update, theyll let us know, but otherwise, we should assume that its kind of there operating in the background. So people that are obsessed with tech devices, like smart watches or TVs or whatever, they need to prove that theyve spent a lot of time analyzing these products, that they have an obsession with it, maybe they studied it, maybe they have pictures of themselves using it, anything that gives the user and search engines evidence that theyve actually spent a lot of time with the product. What makes these tricky is that Google doesnt give us a lot of specificity each time theyre rolled out about what changed.

Source: Moz