202224 Nov

GA4: the time for change is here


For example, loading a page, clicking a link, and completing a purchase are all interactions you can measure with events With GA4, you can: • get overviews of how users landed on your website. GA4 also enables you to create more-targeted audience segments for your marketing campaigns based on events, which isn’t an option with Universal Analytics. Outside the report section of your account, you can view advertising specific data, visualize the metrics you’ve gathered, and dive deeper into your performance with AI. This is great if you’re opening the cart to a new offer, if you have a product launch, or if you just released a YouTube video and want to see the traffic you can watch it in real time. If your ad strategy is cross-channel and cross-platform, the only way to get a holistic view of traffic and performance centralised in one place is Google Analytics 4.

Source: Ihm