202224 Nov

What Is A Customer Portal? Here’s Why You Need One


Kavin Patel, CEO of Convrrt, says it’s important to conduct client interactions within the sphere of a recognizable brand identity—logos, website, colors, etc. Just let customers retain control over how and at what frequency you notify them.” Whitfield says a user-friendly interface is important because it allows users to navigate the system with ease and comfort. Accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, and other professional service firms need customer portals, too—they make your interactions more efficient and increase transparency in your client relationships. Glasscubes provides all the benefits of a traditional customer portal, and goes above and beyond by making it easier for in-house teams to work seamlessly with clients on a daily basis. Glasscubes enables you to share documents with employees and clients, stay in touch with key stakeholders, and manage projects large and small—all with an easy-to-use interface that ensures customers can start using the portal the same day you grant them access.

Source: Glasscubes