202224 Nov

‘A Brave New World of Software Piracy:’ Lawsuit Takes Aim at Scrapping Methods Underpinning Modern Artificial Intelligence


Anyone following the tech industry knows lawsuits at this point are a dime a dozen, however, a new entry filed this month against Microsoft owned Github challenges the fundamental foundational principles underpinning some of the most important artificial intelligence advancements in the past three decades. “On the contrary, Copilot’s goal is to replace a huge swath of open source by taking it and keeping it inside a GitHub-controlled paywall. It will just become another way for the priv­i­leged few to profit from the work of the many.” “We’ve been committed to innovating responsibly with Copilot from the start and will continue to evolve the product to best serve developers across the globe,” a Github spokesperson said in an email to Gizmodo. Like Butterick, a growing chorus of artists and creative writers have gone public recently expressing understandable fears the coming maturity of the AI system threatens to put them out of job. Last month for instance, Shutterstock announced it would start selling DALL-E’s AI generated art (also trained on humans) directly on its website.

Source: Gizmodo