202224 Nov

FPT Software targets Thailand's top 30 IT Companies with New Office


“We aim to grow our local workforce to 500 high-quality IT engineers in the next three years and accompany Thai companies from various industries, including Retail, BFSI, Manufacturing, and more.”, FPT GBI CEO, Levi Nguyen pledged. “It also demonstrates our companys strong capabilities and resources in digital platforms like KBank’s Make and AIA’s Alive & Vitality, as well as other technologies such as Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security”, FPT GBI CEO added. KBTG Chairman Voranuch Dejakaisaya shared at the event: “I have visited FPT Softwares campus in Vietnam before, and I did not see much difference from Silicon Valley in the US. Vietnam and Thailand are transitioning into a digital economy, with both governments introducing various frameworks and projects, unlocking collaboration potentials between both countries firms, especially in the ICT sector. Over the last decade, FPT Software has had a strong presence in seven countries in the Asia Pacific region: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and China (including Hong Kong), allowing it to provide end-to-end IT services to businesses of all sectors.

Source: Datastorageasean