202223 Nov

Oracle’s Steve Miranda on the value of turning inside out


The recent inflationary pressures caught some folks off-guard, so the ability to see that early, see where it affects your business, see where the supply chain bottlenecks, is important. CW: At Cloud World, you announced an “application platform” on which customers and partners can build their own features or industry-specific capabilities. The majority of those customers are moving on, they’re starting to see the benefits that we’ve been touting for a while – constant innovation, brand new features, expanded roll-outs – and it’s the maturity of that process that means everybody is now ready to take on their last-mile applications. CW: Coming back to the macro question we began with, what would you say to a CIO who was tempted to go down a third-party support route to save on maintenance costs? Or if you are a single company that has had many acquisitions, and hasn’t had to digitise to deal with their customers, Covid put a huge magnifying glass on the digital interaction with customers, and it put a huge magnifying glass on your HR processes to make sure you could recruit and retain in the context of labour shortages, or quiet quitting.

Source: Computerweekly