202223 Nov

UK freight sector plans for battery electric vehicle fleet in 5 years


BEVs were over two times more popular than competing technologies such as hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), favoured by 26% of companies, or other alternative fuels, chosen by 23%. One year on from the announcement of the UK governments Decarbonising Transport plan*, industry experts encourage operators to act now and ‘get smart’ to lay foundations for data systems. The government has also recognised this, identifying greater use of AI and data tools as key to cutting freight emissions, particularly for smaller operators. Integrating smart technology and AI systems into operations is no different – it needs sufficient investment and upfront planning or it simply won’t work.” Kerry Fawcett, Digital Director at iCompario, said: “Decarbonisation is an obstacle for logistics and transport, but can also bring about major improvements – recognising that solutions need to be implemented to avoid climate disaster through mismanagement of resources in one of the most pollutive industries. “Reducing idling hours, monitoring fuel usage and insights into driver behaviour will give leaders granular detail to make environmentally aware decisions regarding the use of their carbon-emitting assets.“

Source: Electronicspecifier