202222 Nov

The best onboarding software for new employees in 2022


Some companies might be concerned about the learning curve of onboarding software; however, the best products are designed to have a user-friendly interface and offer basic training and support to get HR teams familiar with the tools. Onboarding software also helps to free up the time of HR personnel so they can focus on aspects of their work that cannot be automated, such as interviewing candidates and resolving workplace conflicts. Onboarding software enables the new hire to start performing in their role as quickly as possible and allows HR to meet their compliance requirements and measure the effectiveness of their processes. Still, there are several excellent products that allow you to either choose individual modules that you want to purchase or others that only offer specialized HR functionality with the option of third-party application integration. Once you have decided what software you need for your business, you can evaluate it based on several factors, including ease of use, technical support and integrations with your tech stack.

Source: Techrepublic