202222 Nov

SES CTO on launching software-defined satellites


The companys CTO, Ruy Pinto, met up with Light Reading on site at Boeing Satellite in El Segundo, California, earlier this month with an update on the scheduled launch. On the topic of software-defined satellites, Pinto provides an example of how the new mPower satellites will use the adaptive resource controller (ARC) orchestrator to adjust the connectivity provided to cruise ship customers. Pinto also discusses how SES partners with terrestrial service providers such as Orange and Verizon, and why SES works with cloud partners Microsoft and Amazon as part of its multi-cloud strategy. Here are a few topics we cover: • Background on Pinto and his role as CTO at SES (00:20) • Partnerships with terrestrial service providers and delivering connectivity to underserved areas and regions such as Africa (05:23) • Providing connectivity during a natural disaster and working with service providers such as Verizon, Orange and Deutsche Telekom (08:37) • Timeline for launch of O3b mPower satellites later this year and early next (09:54) • Size difference between new mPower satellites and traditional MEO satellites, and partnership with multi-cloud partners such as Microsoft and Amazon (12:20) • Whats the Story? All SES wants for Christmas are MEO satellites • Gogos planned 5G network is now two years late • SpaceX to FCC: Starlink not required to show it meets RDOF speed needs yet

Source: Lightreading