202222 Nov

DEFYCA raises $1.3M in seed funding to build the next generation of decentralized capital markets.


On the DEFYCA protocol, tokenized assets are issued, securitized, and structured into liquid pools, which can be traded instantly and with no friction. It also offers investors the opportunity to earn tangible secured returns on stablecoins.DEFYCAs proprietary protocol has been specifically designed to remove counter-party risk in trades. In total, enables all participants to invest and trade tangible fixed income on the blockchain while significantly reducing their exposure or risk. The DEFYCA protocol is built using existing, proven, resilient, scalable, high-performance infrastructure, connected with digital and crypto financial markets.Inclusion of real-world capital markets represents one of the biggest opportunities for decentralized finance and the ecosystems ability to expand its risk management capabilities and diversify on-chain collateral. DEFYCA is well-positioned to accelerate the pace of these assets coming onto Avalanche, said Lydia Chiu, Investor at Blizzard Fund and VP of Business Development at Ava Labs.The seed funding will be used to launch the protocol and take the product to market, taking advantage of the growing interest in digital securities and decentralized finance from the traditional finance industry.

Source: Prweb