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Ukio, a premium apartment rental platform for Europe's 'flexible workforce,' raises $28M


Its worth noting that guests book initially for a set period of time, but they can extend their stay through Ukios online platform.In terms of how Ukio sources its apartments, co-founder Stanley Fourteau says that they adopt a multipronged supply strategy targeting individual property owners, real estate developers and family offices. However, it says that it rarely ever has to do this.Ukio uses proprietary tools to source high-quality off-market apartments, based on strict criteria in prime locations in each city, Fourteau told TechCrunch. A young professional, for example, who can work from wherever they like might want to sample a new city before committing to a longer-term rental Ukio would serve that purpose reasonably well. A fully furnished pad with all the trimmings is a lot more appealing than a hotel, or even an AirBnb property, which are usually not well suited for longer-term dwellings.Finding and renting an apartment for a month or more is still incredibly complex and time-intensive for modern consumers who are used to doing everything and anything digitally, Ukio co-founder Jeremy Fourteau said. But it has also expanded into Lisbon (Portugal) and Berlin (Germany), with Paris and Milan on the horizon for the coming months, followed by London and Dublin, among others.This expansion is what Ukios fresh Series A investment will essentially fund, while it said that its also working on a B2B offering for businesses growing their international footprint.Ukios raise comes as several similar platforms have raised sizable rounds of funding.

Source: Techcrunch


Nov 23 2022