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Almond launches full-service OB-GYN care to rebuild patient experience


Fresh out of Y Combinator, the company just announced a $7 million seed round.The patient experience today is slow, its incomplete, and ultimately its delivering not great outcomes, said co-founder Tara Raffi, in an interview with TechCrunch. Patients also have the possibility of scheduling next-day telehealth appointments if they cannot make it into the office.Almond charges users a $250 annual subscription fee and will bill insurance for the visit and labs. The subscription will provide patients access to the companys platform, care team and personalized plans. Almonds co-founders told TechCrunch they hope to have as large of a reach, as OneMedical does, to patients.The average cost for a general OB-GYN visit in the United States can range anywhere from $90 to $500, according to UCLA Health. According to a report published in the National Library of Medicine, Black and Latin women experience higher rates of unintended pregnancy compared to their white counterparts.In addition to Almond, companies like Tia, a comprehensive womens healthcare provider, and Stix, a womens health product company, have been working to provide more full-service options in womens health.Almond originally made its debut as part of Y Combinators summer cohort and has since been able to garner support with an influx of capital in the form of a $7 million seed round led by True Ventures.This round of funds will be used to grow the practices staff, further develop its platform and look into expansion.

Source: Techcrunch


Nov 22 2022