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Korean startup Hyperlounge operating management analysis platform attracts investment from domestic & foreign investors


Korean startup Hyperlounge, which provides real-time data analysis services for executives of small and medium-sized companies, has attracted a total of 10.6 billion won ($7.8 million) in Series A investment. It is a specialized system for small and medium-sized business executives, which is completely different from existing data analysis tools or services. When using this service, user can easily check the core data and analysis necessary for business management every day on mobile without the burden of initial investment or recruitment.Based on these features, Hyperlounge has secured more than 20 customers in various fields, including consumer goods, manufacturing, chemicals, and B2B, such as Moms Touch, Jungsaemmool Beauty, and Lock&Lock, since its commercialization in February of this year.Kim Jeong-in, CEO of Hyperlounge, said, It is encouraging to be recognized for the potential of this service by successfully attracting large-scale investment despite difficult market conditions. The ultimate goal is to establish as an essential partner for strengthening corporate competitiveness and growth with extensive management data from this platform.Choi Jae-woong, director of Future Play, who made this investment, said, The market related to SME informatization is growing by more than 5% every year, and as unpredictable management conditions change frequently, the demand for this field is expected to grow. Altara Ventures, together with KVIC , a close partner, will actively support Hyperlounges entry into the global market in the future.

Source: Koreatechdesk


Nov 22 2022
Hyper Lounge