202222 Nov

Integrated supply chain solution for car interior lighting


The highlight of our line-up will be the LED module we co-developed with Inova,” said Felix Timmermann, East EMEA Region Executive Vice President at USI/Asteelflash. The final offering, an in-car ambiance lighting system, made up of driver ICs, LED and passive components, is assembled using technology from USI/Asteelflash and ASE Group. “Staring from DICE (Discrete Integrated Circuit Electronics) to chips and finally the product, we have teamed up with partners to eventually roll out the solution that will set a new standard in automotive lighting systems for original equipment manufacturers and tier-1 customers,” said Timmermann. “We already have a close cooperation with ASE packaging and testing our products for some 20 years and now are looking very forward to extend this with USI/Asteelflash to also jointly developing advanced module solutions for the ISELED- and ILaS ecosystem,” said Robert Kraus, President, and CEO of Inova Semiconductors. The ILaS (ISELED Light & Sensor Network) protocol used in the solution is able to equip various client modules including bus interfacing and decoding, as well as the power management unit.

Source: Electronicspecifier