202222 Nov

How AMD became a chip giant and leapfrogged Intel after years of playing catch-up


“And thats changed.” CNBC sat down with AMD CEO Lisa Su to hear about her company’s remarkable comeback, and huge bets on new types of chips in the face of a PC slump, fresh restrictions on exports to China and shifting industry trends. And theres one story about him and his wife coming down the stairs of the turret at the party in matching fur coats.” He also coined an infamous phrase about chip fabrication plants, or fabs. GlobalFoundries went public in 2021 and remains a top maker of the less advanced chips found in simpler components like a car’s anti-lock brakes or heads-up display. While AMD controls far less GPU and CPU market share than Nvidia and Intel, respectively, it’s made remarkable strides since moving away from manufacturing and reducing capital expenditure. It had a massively improved performance and enabled them to stem the share losses and ultimately turn them around.” Among the Zen products, AMD’s EPYC family of CPUs made monumental leaps on the data center side.

Source: Cnbc