202222 Nov

Elon Musk says Twitter Blue relaunch delayed, may use different color checks for organizations


Twitter owner Elon Musk said on Monday evening that the company is planning to delay the relaunch of its $8 per month Blue Verified service. Twitter Blue was launched earlier this month but was pulled after users abused the new paid option, which Musk hoped would drive new revenue to the platform. It left the platform even more ripe for misinformation, and many cheaply acquired checkmarks were used to impersonate brands, politicians and celebrities with unflattering messages. Eli Lillys stock price dropped sharply after the false message was posted, and so did other pharmaceutical companies including AbbVie, which was also impersonated on Twitter. Twitter has trialed using two check marks, including a Blue one for paid and previously-verified users and a gray "Official" checkmark for some brands, such as news organizations.

Source: Cnbc