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202218 Nov

Construction: Measurement of Test Specimens and Evaluation of Imperfections


In recent years, research efforts in fire and explosion safety have intensified, thus requiring highly complex numerical investigations in addition to experimental validation. Given their experimental approach supplemented by numerical experiments, the Chair expressed great interest in the exact dimensions of the test specimens—in this case, columns. This portable 3D scanner distinguishes itself from other devices on the market by its wide range of measurement possibilities, the compatibility of the data with common CAD software, its already proven and widespread use in well-known companies, and a compelling product design. “Creaform greatly facilitates and enriches our research in the field of steel construction, and will prove indispensable in any experimental project in the future. This results in greater flexibility, and considerable cost savings, since we no longer need contractors,” says Prof. Martin Mensinger, Head of the Chair of Metal Structures at the Technical University of Munich.

Source: Creaform3d