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Press Release – Tuesday November 8, 2022 – UM6PVentures


Biotics process extracts the carbon source of biomass, macroalgae, which is naturally grown in every ocean all year long and has positive environmental effects in terms of CO2, is free of endotoxins, and does not compete with arable land. We are thrilled to have accumulated such a relevant, strategic, and diverse group of investors that have both the expertise and network to support our growth across regions and industries.Commenting on the round, Mark Durno, Managing Partner AgriFood, Rockstart also states: Plastic production has grown faster than any other material since the 1970s, a worrying trend in light of climate change. Paseo Rosales already has several investments in the Israeli enviro-tech sector, including UBQ Materials, where it was also an early investor and has played a key part in its growth.Biotics mission is to reach a zero-plastic future. For the packing and food industry, it is important that any plastic replacement easily fit within their own production process, Biotics innovation does this, while being completely biodegradable and leaving no chemicals in the soil. We take a deep science and industry subject matter approach assisting our portfolio companies advance their innovation through to commercialization, and via our vast The Yield Lab network, help them move quickly around the globe, into their optimal addressable market, resulting in achieving their highest valuation.

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Nov 08 2022
Biotic Circular Technologies