202201 Nov

Uniting Supply Chain Partners in Pursuit of Growth | Enable


This often starts with joint business planning initiatives that foster alignment on performance metrics, targets, and key strategies for the year.‍ “As supply chains become digital, networked and centered on customer outcomes, COOs and CSCOs need to keep one foot in the present (for stability) and one in the future (for innovation),” SCMR reports. For example, an article on key factors driving the digital adoption of rebate management notes that outdated systems increase the risk of human errors, reduced compliance, and even revenue leakage. Forward-looking organizations know that what SCMR says is true: “Technology has become more than a tool—it’s a means to help supply chain leaders imagine what is possible and, more importantly, achieve it.” Supplier collaboration is key to enhancing this success on a bigger scale. Key practices for supplier and distributor collaboration ensure agreements are recorded in a standardized way, sales data and business activity forecasts are shared, and common processes make rebates so easy to sign off. The Enable founder, Andrew Butt, puts it like this: “My vision is to empower thriving partner ecosystems of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers where people can find the best products, services, and value.

Source: Enable