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What Is Timeboxing? - Time Management - Productivity


This phenomenon is known as Parkinson’s Law, which says “work expands to fill the time available for completion.” Thankfully, you can regain control of your schedule by timeboxing. “It works because it uses well-researched technique psychologists call, ‘setting an implementation intention,’ which is just a fancy way of saying, ‘planning out what you are going to do and when you will do it.” No wonder leaders like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have sung the praises of this practice. The process involves creating time periods called “timeboxes,” which can range in length from a few minutes to several months. For example, feel free to set a five-minute time limit for brainstorming tasks that will take about five minutes. In other words, even if you switch timeboxes, grouping similar tasks will make it easier for you to stay focused and flow.

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