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SECARDEO certLife v2 for Convenient Management of Certificates from Public and Private CAs


certLife also offers central auto-enrollment as an alternative to client-based Windows certificate enrollment. Automated notifications, for example before a certificate expires, as well as statistics on the use of the certificates increase control.Significant new features of certLife v2 are: • Direct connection to a large number of CAs such as OpenXPKI, Dog-Tag and managed PKI services such as Digicert, SwissSign, AWS, etc. • Complete certificate management for a Microsoft CA (ADCS) • Clear dashboard • Multiple language support • Delegation of certificates to other users • Group sharing for joint administration of server certificates • Import and management of public and private SSH keys • Extended search for crypto parameters"With the new version of SECARDEO certLife, large users can efficiently and reliably manage all certificates from a public CA and the companys internal Microsoft CA," says Dr. Gunnar Jacobson, Founder and Managing Director of SECARDEO.The SECARDEO TOPKI platform also offers a range of supplements to certLife for fully automated certificate lifecycle management.For more information, see www.secardeo.com.About SECARDEOSECARDEO GmbH has been a successful company in the IT security growth segment since 2001. With our pioneering solutions for a full certificate lifecycle automation, even large IT infrastructures can be operated securely and extremely efficiently. Our customers include DAX corporations, global players from Silicon Valley and a large number of major European companies.Press releaseNr.

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