202222 Sep

LinkedIn Post Examples That Achieved Mind-Blowing Success


Rather than staring at a blank page and trying to think of compelling LinkedIn post ideas, here are a few common themes weve seen across the top-performing content: • None : This could be a case study of how your product/service significantly impacted a users life. • None It takes an original stance on the topic : If one of your executives posted a piece of thought leadership content, consider reposting it on the branded company page. • None As people scroll through their news feed, visual content (like a video, infographic, template, or screenshot) can grab their attention and get them to pause on your post. As employees pushed the post to their network, it quickly picked up traction and attracted the attention of highly influential figures, including other C-suite executives and industry leaders. • You have a full analytics dashboard that shows you exactly which employees are most active, as well as post statistics like estimated earned media value (EEMV), total reach, and more.

Source: Gaggleamp