202212 Sep

20 Minimum Technical Requirements with a Strict Deadline


Let CapaSystems help you to the finish line with 8 of them The Centre for Cyber Security, the Danish Agency for Digital Government, and the Danish Data Protection Authority have jointly set a razor-sharp deadline. The 20 minimum technical requirements for IT security for state authorities were issued right before the summer holidays — which now leaves four months to ensure everything is in place. And help make sure that these important check marks are ticked off in good time,” says the Chief Product Officer of CapaSystems, Martin Søndergaard. The solutions provided by CapaSystems have been securing and optimizing IT at companies in both Denmark and abroad for more than 25 years. You can also draw on our deep insight and industry knowledge; after all, as a Danish company, we possess solid competencies and quite know what we are talking about.

Source: Capasystems