202231 Aug

Yes, local governments need to consider several issues when buying technology


When they acquire systems and software, cities and counties need to concentrate on what’s important, says Sanford “Sandy” Taylor, Fremont Calif.’s director of information technology. In addition, it’s important to vet the vendors to understand their qualifications for the needed service or product.” Taylor says there any several best practices that should come into play when buying tech. The timeline of the project dictates the need and not before, which could result in storage concerns and contract execution delays, false starts or miss-starts.” Taylor has more than 27 years of IT leadership experience. “They work in concert with the requesting departments to review technology purchase needs.” Several essential skills should be present among team members, Taylor says. In Fremont, Taylor says cooperative purchasing agreements have saved time and resources for public procurement staffers and city departments.

Source: Americancityandcounty