202209 Aug

TMS Software Blog: Extend TMS WEB Core with JS Libraries with Andrew: <br />Diagrams with Draw.io


There are a number of such libraries available, including of course the very capable cross-platform TMS FNC Blox product, that provides the user with the ability to create diagrams, flowcharts, and similar documents. Note that we dont need to do anything at all in our Project.html file.The gist of the code is that after we get a double-click event, we check that the image has the "drawio" class assigned, and then create a new and add it to the (TWebHTMLDiv) divDrawIO component. Double-clicking on it will then load that updated content for subsequent editing.There are quite a number of shape libraries to choose from by default, and dozens more available by clicking on thebutton at the bottom left. This refers to a "Uniform Resource Identifier" which is a mechanism that allows data to be directly embedded in an HTML web page or even in a CSS file. Likewise, if you were to load up the PNG file into an image editor and then resize it or alter it, the diagram definition might be lost, or might become inconsistent with the image.With that out of the way, lets have a look at some of the configuration options available.

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