202209 Aug

Why human resource is an important part of your ERP solution


The human resources department or team, commonly referred to as HR, is the arm of your business responsible for overseeing employee life, development and so much more. Therefore, HR is responsible for ensuring that: • None There are adequate people resources in each department • None All personnel are able to work comfortably and efficiently • None All personnel have fair and conducive work environments • None Management and escalation of disciplinaries and ensuring issues are handled properly • None Employees are onboarded, promoted, redeployed, transferred, exited, or otherwise handled appropriately • None Involved in supporting managers build team morale, support mental health, and teams are trained to assist any wellness concerns as they occur Since running any business requires efficient management of all resources, both people or otherwise, it’s a wise and logical move to integrate human resources into your ERP solution. Recruitment Enterprise resource planning systems will allow you to set up a screen to analyse your overall business performance, its objectives and help determine how many employees you need in each department, or specific to a project. Time management ERP software can help you to log employee work hours, including overtime, to facilitate payroll preparation. Gain efficiencies Human resource management tools are a vital asset for your business, ensuring you extract the most from them if they have the potential to speed up the process, reduce paper files and save time.

Source: Winman