202208 Aug

Every Mac (and PC) user needs this utility


Another powerful and comforting aspect of having Parallels Toolbox installed on my systems is that I dont need to download many different apps. • Energy Saver: Not something I need so often now Im running an , but its still handy to be able to extend battery life with one click dramatically. For a complete list of the tools, along with what platform they are available for (not all are available on both Windows and Mac), click here. Parallels Toolbox is so indispensable that its one of the first applications that I install on any new system Im using. You can buy a license which costs a very reasonable $19.99 a year (theres a 7-day trial available), or, if you are a Parallels Desktop user and have a valid subscription; you get access to Parallels Toolbox as part of that.

Source: Zdnet