202206 Aug

Bohemian noble family redefines modern aristocracy by selling NFTs to preserve and share a 700-year-old legacy


The cord powers camera equipment to be used in a live broadcast happening around 1 a.m. which will feature the story of his family on a CNBC primetime show in New York. A young prince in an ancient castle stashed with priceless art sounds like the beginning of a fairytale, but his life is far from a Disney adaptation. At the height of Bohemian summer, the humidity clings to our skin, and it is pitch black beyond the glow of the stark fluorescent lighting that runs along the high stone ceilings. To keep everything afloat, the Lobcowiczes have generated income from things like castle tours, the gift shop, and hosting events such as weddings and corporate retreats. Take "Forgotten Menuet" — an NFT of an animated piece of music composed by Anna Maria Wilhelmina Althann (1703-1754), unheard for over 250 years.

Source: Cnbc