202205 Aug

Instacart brings FoodStorm’s catering software to its app


Instacart is aiming to streamline the ordering process for catering and meals and make it less labor-intensive by adding FoodStorm’s technology to its services. With FoodStorm’s software, grocers can have an omnichannel catering experience that allows customers to make purchases online, by phone, email or through in-store kiosks. During peak times, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, FoodStorm has allowed the chain to take on more orders and expand menus, Russell McVeigh, catering director at Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace, said in a promotional video for Instacart. In February, Instacart teamed up with South Asian food marketplace Quicklly to sell ship-to-home meal offerings. This expanded the grocery technology company’s DTC and meal kit partners on its marketplace, such as online meat seller ButcherBox and alcohol e-commerce platform Drinks.

Source: Grocerydive