202205 Aug

Dont waste your money on these Apple products: August 2022 edition


• : Released in October 2019, Apple has to be working on an updated version of these, so Id start to be cautions about dropping $250 on a set. • : Its coming to that year mark, so Id be keeping my eye out for an update to roll out, perhaps alongside the new iPhone. • : With the transition to Apple Silicon underway, this huge monetary investment just doesnt make sense at this point in time. Now that Apple has started rolling out hardware running M2 chips, then the buying decisions here get a bit complicated. The iPad Air just got a big update in the form of Apples M1 chip and a superb front-facing 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with the "Center Stage" feature that can follow the person in front of the screen as they move.

Source: Zdnet