202205 Aug

Podcast: How storage AIOps is revolutionising hybrid cloud ops


In this podcast, we look at how organisations can benefit from being able to analyse storage infrastructure operations trends as it works with compute and virtualisation layers. Manzanero talks about how increased visibility into the nuts and bolts of storage infrastructure can help organisations react to the needs of workloads and place data and compute where it is best for cost and performance reasons. We’re starting to see trends in our business, especially in our customer base, that are looking to bring some intelligence into technology that, in some cases, dates back to the 1950s. So, having the capability to look at your infrastructure and to look at the goings-on, the inner workings and the interaction between the hypervisor, the storage, the network, and everything else that goes with it, and how that actually moves around, and being able to extrapolate that data across numerous customers. Machine learning algorithms are being used to automate some aspects of enterprise IT operations, but the original goal of advanced self-healing systems is still a long way off.

Source: Computerweekly