202204 Aug



Mosey raises $18MM to build the compliance platform for the future of workThe global pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work and no one can imagine going back. HR and finance teams spend hours filling out the right paperwork and spend thousands of dollars in legal and consulting fees to understand one simple questionwhat do I need to do to be compliant?I experienced first-hand just how important this problem is when I was hiring remote teams at Stripe and working with thousands of startups in 140 different countries by building Atlas[1].Compliance has always been difficult, now its business criticalRemote work is now an indispensable part of millions of businesses. We built powerful automations to make filings fast and keep track of everything in one place.Fast-growing startups like Triplebyte, Common Room, Coda, Mystery, Sparrow, ReCharge, and more have been using Mosey to hire employees in hundreds of new locations and stay compliant. We have a lot of scaling to do and this is just the beginning.Today we are excited to announce that Mosey has raised $18MM in Series A funding led by Canaan with participation from Gusto, SemperVirens, Charge, and angel investors from Stripe, Splunk, AirBnb, Coda, InVision, and more. I started Mosey because I believe decoupling where we work from where we live is one of the most important problems to solve for the future of work.There is enormous potential to improve access to opportunity in more places, but compliance is a big barrier.

Source: Mosey