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Edtech Startup Kide Science With €1M Funding Targets Expansion


This is also one of the major reasons that startups in the Edtech sector are coming forward with innovative solutions and are successfully obtaining funding from investors. Some recent Edtechs which gathered investments were Orcas, Cakap, Qureos, Kouncel, Tomorrows Education and Algooru.This female led startup Kide Science founded by Jenni Vartiainen, Sari Hurme-Meht\xe4l\xe4 and Aino Kuronen with its child centric approach provides hands-on opportunity on learning in a playful emvironment -where children learn through their imagination. The startup offers a platform for the next generation of problem solvers to explore their environment via scientific play, pretend games, stories, and dramatic devices.Additionally, it also has ready made lesson plans based on a childs sense of wonder to give ease to students. After years of intensive research and procurement of partnership the startup has clasped its position as a robust edtech in marketJenni Vartiainen one of the founders of the startup explained:Our research and feedback from customers shows that a childs imagination can help learning in more areas than just science theres really compelling evidence that shows hands-on learning through stories and play is effective in all areas: weve seen it help develop skills in math, language, social emotional learning and social studies. Its incredible, really.The startup aims to expand and is eyeing on US partnerships-it has also picked up plenty of attention in its home market by winning the first education fintech award this summer.

Source: Invozone


Aug 04 2022
Kide Science