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Rill wants to rethink BI dashboards – TechCrunch


While at Metamarkets, the company built a database that later was open sourced as the Apache Druid project. The company also recently released a second product called Rill Developer, which is open source. Its designed to help developers pull the data from the underlying source data repository and remove all of the complexity associated with that.We are open sourcing Rill Developer to actually help analysts that just frankly want to get work done. They can attach to that in their data lakehouse, warehouse and soon a stream to transform that data out of the [repository], and then shape it into metrics that ultimately power BI dashboards, he said.So far with around a dozen enterprise customers and thousands of users, he is generating real income. First and foremost, I do think we are global, and as a result we have people from many different cultures and countries around the world, he said.Todays $12 million seed investment came from True Ventures, Bloomberg BETA, Sierra Ventures, Park West Asset Management and DCVC, as well as more than two dozen data entrepreneur angels.

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Aug 04 2022
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