202204 Aug

How to Improve Your Business’ Online Customer Service


In cases when you decide to develop your e-commerce website, make changes to privacy policies, or swap couriers, for example, you need to include the updates in your FAQ section. Here are some of the other things your FAQ section should include: • how to use your product • do customers need to register • how to recycle the packaging • the best ways to contact the company Here’s a great example of a FAQ page from Virgin Plus, a prepaid and postpaid wireless service company in Canada: Notice the red live chat icon on the right (remember what we discussed earlier?). You’ll stand out from the competition when your brand maintains a consistently helpful online presence when interacting with customers. The music streaming platform also has a @SpotifyStatus account where followers can find updates on the current status of their issues. You can introduce a live chat tool and self-service options like a FAQ page in your customer service strategy.

Source: Nicereply