202220 Jul

12 Best Practices For Training Your Frontline Staff


Add to this the rise of social media and consumer review sites, and it’s easy to see how your frontline staff can be the difference between unwavering brand loyalty and a customer who leaves without ever looking back. After all, frontline workers often work in public-facing roles and have a higher rate of face-to-face interaction, but they don’t necessarily provide essential public services. The desired skills include, for instance, composure, poise, adaptability, empathy, intuition, common sense, wit and any other types of emotional intelligence. For instance, the previously mentioned scenario-based training is an excellent way to provide tailored learning experiences that present your frontliners with situations they may encounter. From showing patience at the returns counter to answering difficult lost order calls or driving hundreds of miles, frontline staff can be found in every corner of every industry.

Source: Growthengineering