202215 Jul

The 28 Best Integration Platforms and Software Tools for 2022


Cyclr touts a global user base and helps its customers enhance their native connectivity suites while simplifying the creation and deployment method. Description: Fivetran is an automated data integration platform that delivers ready-to-use connectors, transformations and analytics templates that adapt as schemas and APIs change. The platform features a graphical interface for guided drag-and-drop configuration, integration via pre-built templates, and the ability to infuse applications with artificial intelligence. It features an HTML5 visual designer and a proprietary AI algorithm called Iris that learns common integration patterns and drives self-service by recommending flows. Trifacta touts multi-cloud support, flexible execution (you can choose between ETL, ELT, or an optimal combination of the two based on performance and cost), and universal connectivity for ingesting data from enterprise sources.

Source: Solutionsreview